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Hypermobility and Chronic Pain

Hypermobility simply means that you can move some or all of your joints more than most people can. People may have described you as ‘double jointed’. Hypermobility itself isn't a medical condition and for some lucky people it may even be an advantage in sports, playing musical instruments or dance. However, some people with hypermobile joints may have symptoms such as recurrent injuries or sprains, joint or muscle pain and may even find that their joints are prone dislocation. Additionally, hypermobility may be a risk factor for the development of a chronic pain syndrome and these patients may have symptoms in other areas of their body. In 2017 an international conference was held in America by to update the classification of hypermobility and Ehlers–Danlos syndrome (EDS).

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Dr Ambrose undertook a weekly hypermobility/EDS clinic with Dr Hanna Kazkaz at UCLH from 2014-2018

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